Think Things of God

To the tune ST. LUKE (“As Surely As I Live,” God Said)

Think things of God; think things of light,
For such has God made man upright.
Illuminate Your children, Lord,
To walk according to Your Word.

Think things of truth: the Way, the Life,
The path Christ walked through death and strife.
Renew our strength, ascended Lord,
To win the race through age and sword.

Think things of Christ, who reigns above,
Who breathes His Spirit here in love.
O sanctify Your children, Lord;
Grant us like minds of one accord.

Think of the Father and the Son,
Who saved us that we may be one,
And of the Spirit, triune Lord,
Forever praised, thanked, and adored!

I wrote this June 19, 2022, in response to a prompt given by @Aleph on a Christian Discord server. The prompt provided the first two lines as well as the last two lines of the 3rd verse.