Book 7

Note: Book 7 is still being written. But its format is slightly different than that of Books 1-6. Book 7 is a collection of many smaller essays, and so I am able to post them here as I finish them. Eventually, when the collection is hopefully wrapped up, I will likely go back and rearrange/edit the posts I put here.

Note also, Book 7 is (is planned to be) much larger than other books in the series: A respectably-sized book you might put on a bookshelf. (And due to the planned magnitude of the content, I am likely not going to spend as much time polishing each chapter. So posting them here as I go will hopefully be a motivator for me to plow through them.)

But other books (that I don’t post here until they’re completed) will be taking priority, so bear that in mind if this seems to progress slowly anyway…. 😉

  1. Test the Scriptures